The Co:Here Community

*All units at Co:Here are occupied. There are no vacancies at this time.*
2021 Applications are open as of September 1st! Apply for our waitpool below.

The Co:Here Community is a 26 unit apartment building where people work hard to be great neighbours. We share our time with each other through weekly meals, looking after the gardens, caring for common spaces, and lots of just enjoying life. We desire to have a diverse community that offers affordable housing with supports for people from widely varied backgrounds and the possibility for belonging, friendship, trust and love through the spaces and community life within. Because of this, our values are:

    Extend welcome in a diverse community.
    Live in solidarity with one another.
    Create a place of belonging.
    Steward the building, common spaces, and garden.
    Are held in grace; hold others in grace.

The Space

The residences at Co:Here consist of:

2 Accessible studios
16 Studios
4 1-bedrooms
4 2-bedrooms

Much of the building is devoted to common area spaces including:

A Dining Hall and Living Room
Guest Suite for out of town guests
A Large Common Kitchen
A Reflection Room
A Large Garden

Application & Waitpool

Every year from September 1 – October 31 the Co:Here application is available online and at our office in Co:Here during business hours. Applications must be made during this time frame. Completed applications will be added to our waitpool. You only need to apply once but are asked to refresh your interest yearly in September.

Applications are now closed until September 1, 2022.

Our Tenant Selection Policy can be found here.