We operate affordable supportive housing communities seeking to be a sign that love and community are possible between all people. We educate and nurture those living in intentional community and those curious about it.


Co:Here is a four-storey, affordable housing complex with 26 self-contained units: 18 studios, 4 one- and 4 two-bedroom units, designed with the recognition that space shapes engagement between people. Our vision comes from our experience in creating intentional communities and the relationships we have with people in our neighbourhood. This affordable housing community brings together people from different economic backgrounds in a mutually transformative, supportive and nurturing environment that allows all people to flourish. Because of this, Co:Here is a building full of community meals, friendships with neighbours, and shared responsibility.

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Like our logo, Salsbury Community Society is made up of many dots: staff and board members, the vulnerable individuals we welcome and serve, and those who volunteer and partner with us.

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Our vision and homes have sparked the curiosity of others to wonder and take a risk to open and share their lives in community with others. Read some of their stories of life lived in community below.