Bidding Farewell to Dave and Teresa

On December 6th 2014, Salsbury held a farewell party for Dave and Teresa Diewert to celebrate their presence in and contribution to the community life of one of our community homes, Imayoshi, for over 10 years. With hearts oriented towards grace, ‘the long road,’ and care Dave and Teresa attended to the many lives of those who lived with them over these years, becoming family to many. They raised their three teen-aged children while they lived at Imayoshi expanding their experience and sense of what ‘family’ is and what it means to live a life open to the stranger.

Salsbury as an organization has learned much from the experience and perspective of Dave and Teresa. We are grateful for the way they have walked with individuals in shared living, seeking not so much to change them but to hear them, walk with them and hold their stories in a way that honours the mystery and complexities that make up an individual. They have encouraged us in the way of grace which has the ability to recognize that we all come from uneven backgrounds and life experiences; most of us are often doing our best even if our best may not look like very much to some. It is important to affirm this in each other! Thank you for striving to hold a space which allows for something life-giving, however small that might be, to break into someone’s life.

You will be missed!