Salsbury Community Society operates affordable housing communities seeking to be a sign that love and community are possible between all people. We nurture and tend intentional communities to create spaces of belonging for people from varied backgrounds of life.

Denying emotions keeps us in conflict…but emotions are the ecosystem where healing happens

I’ve been reading and learning a lot about conflict these last few months, and it’s like lights have been turned on in the dark places of my brain. I have felt both challenged and energized by the content and see a lot of possibilities for applying this learning in my work as a housing operator. I’m excited. This blog is riffing off of content created by Credence & Co. consulting, and class materials from the Conflict Management and Mediation courses I’ve been taking. I hope to regularly bring back some of my learning and ideas to this online community, in hopes that it might light up a few areas in your work and practice. 


Like our logo, Salsbury Community Society is made up of many dots: staff and board members, the vulnerable individuals we welcome and serve, and those who volunteer and partner with us.

Come dwell for a moment in our story and connect the dots ...

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