Salsbury Community Society operates affordable housing communities seeking to be a sign that love and community are possible between all people. We nurture and tend intentional communities to create spaces of belonging for people from varied backgrounds of life.

4 Years and 1 Global Pandemic Later – Keep Curious and Be Brave

Written by Jeanette Moss – Director of Strategy and Development at Co:Here Community. 

This is my 5th year of working for Salsbury Community Society (SCS) at Co:Here. Co:Here community is a group of people who live in a rental apartment building built on Grandview Church’s parking lot and operated by Salsbury Community Society (SCS).  SCS provides affordable housing with support for people from a range of backgrounds and works to foster a culture of neighbourliness.  

Five years 

As I look back at that first year before moving into the brand new building, I recall that it was such an intense time. For a small staff team of three, there was so much to do getting the building ready, screening applications and inviting the initial group of tenants, working with construction crews and tradespeople, setting up organizational and financial systems, and… and…. 


Like our logo, Salsbury Community Society is made up of many dots: staff and board members, the vulnerable individuals we welcome and serve, and those who volunteer and partner with us.

Come dwell for a moment in our story and connect the dots ...

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