Salsbury Community Society operates affordable housing communities seeking to be a sign that love and community are possible between all people. We nurture and tend intentional communities to create spaces of belonging for people from varied backgrounds of life.

Thoughts on being (vs. doing) in community

Presence is the most precious gift we can give each other – Marshall Rosenberg.

At Co:here we strive to nurture relationships and a curiosity about neighbouring. One thing that we’ve been learning is that if our relating is only about ‘doing’; if it’s all about service; me helping you or you helping me – then our relationship is thin, vulnerable to conflict and takes a long time to grow.


Like our logo, Salsbury Community Society is made up of many dots: staff and board members, the vulnerable individuals we welcome and serve, and those who volunteer and partner with us.

Come dwell for a moment in our story and connect the dots ...

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